Abstract Preperation


The abstract submission is only possible through the on-line procedure. Please, carefully follow the instructions before submitting the abstract.

Abstracts should be sent to focusea@googlegroups.com as an email attachment.

  1. The abstract must be written in English.
  2. the abstract title, list of authors, and their affiliations should be included in the abstract.
  3. Abstract file should be named as "[your last name_ your first name].doc or docx".
  4. The entire abstract must fit in TWO A4 pages include tables, figures or references.
  5. All of the text, figures and tables should fit within the defined composition area.
  6. The text must be typed in single spacing.
  7. The preferred typeface is Times New Roman or equivalent, in 11-point font size.
  8. Please, do not include abbreviations in the title. If abbreviations are included in the text, please write the full description when first used.
  9. Please read the template carefully and refer to it when preparing your abstract.

Guidelines for Poster Presentation

Poster Image

PDF version Guidelines for Poster Presentation can be downloaded here.

  1. Preparation and Setting
    • Posters should be printed on paper.
    • The maximum size is 85 cm x 120 cm
    • VERTICAL oriented (portrait)
    • Printing should include: TITLE, AUTHOR NAMES and AFFILIATIONS
    • Posters should be fixed on Saturday, March 16th 2024 and removed on Tuesday, March 19th 2024 not later than 18:00.
    • Poster numbers and locations will be provided in the program materials. Please follow the instructions of our staff on the first day.
  2. Presentation
    • Poster area will be freely accessible during all the congress time.
    • Presenter is required to make a brief introduction in the ice-break session on Saturday, March 16th 2024.
    • A brief introduction must not be longer than 5minutes.
    • Presenter can use PPTX file or PDF file for its introduction.

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