The Yamanakako region, where this research meeting is held, is located at an altitude of approximately 1,000 m. In mid-March, the temperature during the day can be 10°C to 15°C, but at night and in the early morning it can be -5°C to 0°C. On cold days it can even snow. Warm clothing is recommended as some programmes take place outdoors!


For this research meeting, the seminar room in the Yamanakaryo Naito Seminar House will be the venue for the sessions. Yamanakaryo Naito Seminar House is a university facility that can accommodate up to 100 people and is located on the grounds of the Fuji Iyashinomori Woodland Study Center, the University of Tokyo Forests. For more information, please see the following website.

Yamanakaryo Naito Seminar House : http://www.abreuvoir.co.jp/yamanaka/

Fuji Iyashinomori Woodland Study Center : https://www.uf.a.u-tokyo.ac.jp/fuji/

Yamanakaryo is not a hotel, and there are no nightclothes, towels, toiletries, etc. provided. Therefore, please bring your own personal necessities. It is a traditional Japanese-style group accommodation facility with shared Japanese room and shared shower &bath place. It is fun to experience. For foreigners, It is advised to bring decent pajamas and nice socks.

How to get there:

Express buses from Shinjuku are convenient to Lake Yamanakako. It takes 2 hours 15 minutes from Basta Shinjuku to the “Yamanakako-mura Yakuba”(山中湖村役場) bus stop. you take a bus depart from Shinjuku at or before 3:15pm, if you want to be able to catch the bus in time for the ice-break. The fare is 2,600 yen one way. Buses fill up quickly on weekends, so early booking is recommended from shown below.

In the website, please search the Keywords “Yamanakako”(山中湖).

Please make the bus reservation towards "Yamanakako Asahigaoka"(山中湖旭丘), BUT get off at "Yamanakako-mura Yakuba,"(山中湖村役場) which is one stop before Yamanakako Asahigaoka"(山中湖旭丘). It is same price, less walking time.

Bus Booking page:

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