Laboratory of Forest and Human Society Relationship

We study preferable relationships between the forest ecosystem and human society using various methods based on natural science, social science and the humanities. From the holistic viewpoint that forest ecosystems and human society operate as one system, we collect and analyze various information from the field so that our society can manage its forests sustainably. We aim to explore the general relationships between forest ecosystems and human society not only by developing techniques for the collection and dissemination of information from the forest, but also by examining the application of this information to social and economic systems.

Major theme

  • Survey methods and use of hardwood forests for energy and high-value usage
  • Development and evaluation of forest environmental education programs
  • Understanding the culture within forest ecosystems and its processes
  • Labor productivity of forestry with the effects of the declining and aging population causing labor shortages
  • Relationship between health promotion and healthcare resources in rural areas
  • Research on the growth and future transition of old-age planted forests using scarce data
  • Dendro-ecological considerations for changes in forest use in Japan
  • Analysis of forest dynamics using a dendro-ecological approach and proposals for forest management
  • Development of a forest utilization system based on multifaceted analysis of the relationships between forest ecosystems and human society
  • Construction of new relationships between forests and society through education and recreation activities
Laboratory seminar camp (visit to a Daisugi production site in Kitayama, Kyoto)
Interview with forest owners running a campsite
Interviews by students
Firewood log sales event
Forest survey
Example of research site 1 (timber market)
Example of research site 2 (nursery site)
Example of research site 3 (firewood collection point of a firewood stove company)
PC screen showing vast forest footage and sound recordings being viewed using CyberForest