Abies 2016
The 15th International Conference on
Ecology and Silviculture of Fir



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Bringing Knowledge on Fir Species Together

Abies 2016: The 15th International Conference on Ecology and Silviculture of Fir

21-24 September 2016, Sapporo, Japan


17.03.2017 Program and Abstracts of Abies 2016 now open.   new !
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05.07.2016  The title of the keynote by Dr. Aljos Farjon updated:
      "Abies: an overview of the firs of the world".
05.07.2016  Dr. Masato Shibuya gives his keynote entitled "Abies species in Japan,
       and natural stands and plantations of A. sachalinensis in Hokkaido.
14.06.2016  Dr. Raphael Thomas Klumpp gives his symposium lecture entitled "On the
       Gene Ecology in European Fir Species.
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31.05.2016  Dr. Dorota Dobrowolska gives her symposium lecture entitled "Structure and
       Regeneration of Silver Fir in Natural Mixed Stands: Implication for
23.05.2016  Dr. Andrej Bončina gives his symposium lecture entitled "Stand Dynamics
       of Silver Fir-European Beech Forests.
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18.04.2016  The Open Symposium entitled "Fir Research in Europe: Recent Achievements
       and Future Prospects"
will take place on 21 September, 2016.
14.04.2016  Notification of abstract acceptance extended to 15 May, 2016.
04.04.2016  Dr. K. David Coates gives his keynote entitled "Species interactions,
       neighbourhood dynamics and complexity science: management options for
       North American Abies forests".
25.03.2016  Dr. Aljos Farjon gives his keynote entitled
      "Diversity and geography of the genus Abies around the world".
18.03.2016  Deadline for abstract submission extended to 15 April, 2016.
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Do you know how many Abies tree species exist worldwide? Do you know scientists and experts working on Abies species or forest communities with Abies species as their component?
Do you have an insight into similarities and differences in ecology and silviculture of different Abies species?

The knowledge of ecology, silviculture, and management of fir species is extremely scattered among experts from different countries and continents. In scientific literature some fir species (e.g. Abies alba and Abies balsamea) have been often favoured over many other Abies species that have high economical and/or ecological importance, but are in many regions under the threat of extinction. We lack the overview on ecology and silviculture of different Abies species that would allowed us to share knowledge on different levels of biological organisation of fir species and fir forests - from gene, species, and population level to the community and ecosystem level. Therefore the main aim of the first overall fir conference is to bring knowledge on fir species together.

Among broad topic of the conference, the main focus is given to ecology, silviculture, and management of Abies species. The participation of experts and scientists from different continents and from various disciplines - ecology, silviculture, management, environmental sciences and many others - is desired.

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