Science Forests for Education and Research

"The University of Tokyo Forests" of the University of Tokyo has been established since 1894 in order to contribute to education and research of forest science and forestry in Japan.

It owns seven university forests in various parts in Japan. The forests cover 32,300ha area ranging from the subarctic zone to the warm temperate zone. Each forest has unique nature and history, containing various species of plants, animals, insects and fungi. University Forests has provided excellent fields for researchers and educators who are concerned with natural forest ecosystems or reproductive forest resources since establishment.

Research of the University of Tokyo Forests is not only carried out to elucidate the mechanisms of forest ecosystems and public functions, but also to evaluate the social and cultural relationship between forest and human being. Research themes are not limited in the Japanese forests. Many research projects are operated to solve the global issues such as the climate change and the forest degradation, collaborating with forest scientists in the world.

The education program is designed for graduate students in master's and doctoral courses. We educate the next generation of leaders in forest management throughout the society, the nation and the world. University Forests is inviting the students who are eager to join the world leading research projects.