Since 2011, one experimental watershed in UTCBF, UTHF, UTCF, ERI and ARI has been operated as Category I. The water level of the stilling pool of the weir is continuously measured for runoff calculations. Rainwater and stream water samples are collected monthly on a certain date of a month and shipped to designated laboratories. For stream water samples, acidity (pH), electrical conductivity (EC), and seven ion concentrations (Na+, K+, Mg2+, Ca2+, NH4+, Cl-, NO3- and SO42-) are analyzed. For rainwater samples, pH, EC, and the seven ions plus NH4+ concentrations are analyzed. Daily precipitation, runoff, and monthly water quality data have been published annually as data papers in the UTF journal, under "Miscellaneous Information, The University of Tokyo Forests" and this website.

Experimental watersheds other than Category I are ranked as Category II, and are maintained by each regional forest. However, daily rainfall and runoff, and monthly rainwater and stream water quality can be published together with the Category I data if each regional forest transfers the calculated products from the Category II data to ERI.

How to Use
Use of data is limited to research and educational purposes only.We refuse to use it for other uses.When using these data, you must cite all data papers corresponding to those data.

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Observation Equipment
2003-2011 (exclude UTHF Hydrological data and Rainwater Quality data)
2008-2011 (UTHF Hydrological data only)
2011 (Rainwater Quality data only)
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◆Hydrological data
Local UTFs Station Name (Precipitation) Station Name (Runoff)  Year
UTCBF Shinta FukuroyamasawaA   2003-2019 
FukuroyamasawaB   2008-2019 
FukuroyamasawaC  2008-2019
UTHF Togo Dam Maruyamazawa   2004-2019 
UTCF Tobakuzawa Tobakuzawa   2003-2011 
Wasabizawa Bakemonozawa   2011-2019 
ERI Shirasaka Shirasaka Hontani 1930-2002
(ERI Website)  
ARI Aono 1gosawa   2003-2014 
2gosawa   2003-2019 
3gosawa   2003-2019 

◆Rainwater quality data
Local UTFs Station Name Year
UTCBF Shinta   2011-2018 
UTHF TogoDam   2011-2019 
UTCF  Wasabizawa   2011-2019 
ERI Shirasaka   2018-2019 
ARI Kano   2011-2019 

◆Stream water quality data
Local UTFs Station Name Year
UTCBF FukuroyamasawaA 2003-2019
FukuroyamasawaB 2003-2019
UTHF Maruyamazawa 2003-2019
UTCF Tobakuzawa 2003-2011
Bakemonozawa 2011-2019
ERI ShirasakaMinamitani  2003-2010
Shirasaka Hontani  2011-2019
ARI 1gosawa 2003-2014
2gosawa 2003-2019
3gosawa 2003-2019