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  3. Laboratory of Forest Ecosystem


Laboratory of Forest Ecosystem

We are conducting research related to dynamics of forest ecosystems and mechanisms to sustain biodiversity.  Research topics include interactions among organisms, genetic structures, adaptation to environment and impacts of climate change, which have been studied on individuals, populations and communities of a variety of organisms living in the forest as well as the forest itself.

Major keywords are as follows: forest ecosystem, biodiversity, community, population, interaction, long-term research, conservation, adaptation, adaptive gene.

Major theme

  • Spatial and temporal population dynamics of forest defoliating insects and biological interactions
  • Influences of global warming on forest insects
  • Wood boring insects and forest decline
  • Ecosystem functioning of soil microbes
  • Geographical patterns and processes of biodiversity
  • Long term dynamics and diversity of forests
  • Stand development of forests which have been disturbed by a super typhoon
  • Stand structure and dynamics of a wave-regenerated forest
  • Ecological studies using deer exclosures along elevation gradients
  • Genetic basis of adaptive traits along the elevation of forest trees
  • Process of inter-specific hybridization between Quercus dentata and Q. crispula
  • Molecular mechanism of mass flowering in bamboos
  • Expression analysis of flowering genes in Abies sachalinensis
  • Development of DNA markers for putative hybrid species detection in Japanese dwarf bamboos


ForEco09.jpgDeer fence installed to prevent deer browsing

ForEco10.JPGPlatypus quercivorus and incidence of the Japanese oak wilt

ForEco11.jpgInvestigation of Picea jezoensis seedling established onto fallen logs

ForEco12.jpgFir wave (Shimagare): a patterned vegetation caused by high prevailing wind

ForEco13.jpgInflorescences of the temperate bamboo, Shibataea chinensis

Counting the number of cones of Abies sachalinensis using a lift truck

Sampling the leaves of dwarf bamboos in snow

ForEco16.jpgForest defoliation caused by population outbreaks of a beech caterpillar Syntypistis punctatella